5 Things Nobody Told You About Udemy Clone

5 things you must know about ExpertPlus

  • It is very cost effective- A web/app developer charges a fortune for building an unique app from scratch. That is because of the tedious amount of work and brainstorming of ideas that goes into making the platform. However, clone scripts serve as the most cost effective way to develop an e-learning platform and doesn’t cost you a hole in your wallet.
  • It is fully customizable- An e-learning clone script like Udemy is completely customizable, with benefits like theme management, a wide plethora of templates, color schemes and fonts to choose from. You can design your platform just the way you want- according to your exact preference and taste.
  • It can be accessed through different devices- The Udemy clone can develop an online platform that will be accessible through all devices such as mobiles, tablets, laptops etc. It has a user friendly interface that is compatible in Android, iOS etc. It is mobile friendly, so it promotes ‘’on-the-go” learning too.
  • It is SEO friendly- The Udemy clone is SEO friendly, i.e. it will make your e-learning platform rank higher in the search engines and bring in organic traffic- while you can just sit back and relax- or maybe promote your app/site via social media.
  • It is highly protected and secure- The Udemy clone is developed with Laravel 5.5 and it is highly encrypted and protected. Being secure is the most crucial prerequisite of any application as it will hold the records of the learners’ personal information, like address, email, phone numbers, etc.




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