Best ideas to create your own eLearning platform for teaching & training

  1. Find and research your target market.
  • How can I help people on your platform enhance their skills and knowledge?
  • What role will technology play in their engagement?
  • What do individuals want to study or what do they want to be interested in?
  • What will the demographic characteristics and age group be?
  1. Create a Reward System- When someone recognises our efforts, we are more likely to put in more effort. Students do the same thing when they believe their efforts are recognised and rewarded; they put in more effort to do better. You may create a reward system for finishing chapters by treating them as levels; including badges, rankings, and quiz games to keep things interesting.
  2. Assess on a regular basis- To make successful use of evaluations, eLearning systems should assist students in analysing and tracking their performance. Pop-tests or quizzes are a fun method to assess students’ knowledge of the content they’ve covered thus far. Instead of giving simple grades, highlight their strengths and weaknesses while presenting the findings.



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