How do I make a website like Fiverr?

  1. Pick a domain name: Domain name is the address people use to search your website. Choosing a domain name is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a website owner. If you choose poorly, it can negatively impact your brand’s reputation. Your domain name is the first impression for the users, so it is good to spend more time choosing a simple, practical, and easily understood domain name that is apt for your website and make sure it is available. Added tip, make the Domain Name Easy to Remember.
  2. Find hosting for your site: For your website to load, you need a server to deliver the site’s files to the visitor’s browser. Rather than buying and managing your own server hardware, you’ll rent space on someone else’s server, and we call this hosting. The hosting provider you choose is crucial to the success of your website. A reputable web host keeps your site online and helps you avoid unnecessary downtime. There are many hosting sites available online. Some of them are Bluehost, Hostinger, etc.
  3. Create a website Install & configure: An enormous number of people use website builders to make a website. Website builders take care of the technical jargon and let you focus on design and content. Some do this through templates ( where you can add micro job theme website templates directly that have all the popular plugins you need), others through drag-and-drop interfaces, which make building a website no harder than assembling a PowerPoint presentation. You can also use WordPress’s TaskHive theme to build your freelancer portal website. Once you have designed the website and added content your website is now ready to be launched.
  4. Launch your site: Launching a website consists of competitor research, defining the audience and their needs, establishing your goals for the site, planning a content strategy to support the site, and finally, making a promotional plan that works together with the content. Once you have done this, you are ready to go live!

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