How do you build an e-learning marketplace like Coursera and how much does it cost?

  • Installment for the course-This is the manner by which most learning stages work where clients pay for each course they need access for.
  • Membership This is another notable model where to get to the substance of the site, the client needs to pay a specific sum.
  • This adaptation model is to some degree unsafe and is by and large utilized by non-business projects.
  • Run Ads-Another method for adapting is setting advertisements in your elearning application.

What Amount Does it Cost to Develop an Online Elearning Platform?

Least and most extreme expenses of making a e-learning App like Coursera and Udemy:

  • User Panel: Users of our Udemy Clone can decide subscription plans, search for and select subjects from the list, connect with tutors, ask questions to them, and more.
  • Instructor/tutor Panel: With this feature, the instructor can manage his/her account, review and rate posts, get messages from students, and connect with them via audio and video.
  • Admin Panel: Through the Udemy Clone admin panel, the admin can manage all online courses, video lessons, enrolment number of students, tutors, revenues, and in addition, the admin can also publish the exam results.
  • Advanced Search Options: Our Udemy application’s Search feature allows the user to find different types of online courses, PDFs, documents, videos, and articles.
  • General Settings: This feature allows users to sign up or log in. Moreover, it allows you to edit profile-related settings such as the profile, password, and image upload.
  • Push Notification: Today, one of the major features of the app is the push notifications, which can be used to send a notification to another user and tutor via SMS/Email whenever new courses, services, or any new offers are added.



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