How Virtual Classroom Software Will Pave The Way For Enhancing E-Learning Experience?

  • Interactive learning — As previously said, students should participate fully in all classroom activities. It is the responsibility of a teacher to bring out such aspects in a student. For students to participate in class activities, the virtual classroom software includes a few interactive tools such as quizzes and virtual hand-raising possibilities.
  • Online whiteboard- No classroom can function without blackboards, as they are the most efficient means of communicating with students. In our programme, we’ve integrated an online whiteboard notion where professors may virtually write stuff for pupils to learn. Students and teachers will benefit greatly from this tool.
  • Video conferencing option- In a classroom setting, video conferencing is one of the most effective ways to communicate. Students and lecturers can take part in real-time lectures in the same way they would in a face-to-face meeting. This makes the class more appealing for them to attend.
  • Performance Analysis- The virtual classroom app like Udemy will measure and record the student’s performance based on their attention and participation in the e-learning activities. At the end of the classes, the teachers can gather them for their assessment.



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Nirmal Raj

Nirmal Raj


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