Six Critical Things to Look for When Choosing an LMS

When it comes to opting for the right Learning Management System, there are a ton of things to consider. Given the fact that your entire eLearning ecosystem is to be built on it, it is quite a big deal. As technology is growing severalfold, there has been a shift in the learning process and an LMS is thus making a lot of progress amongst the millennials. To help businesses, organizations and entrepreneurs to withstand the wide array of trends and sustain in this market of high competition, BSEtec has introduced Expert Plus — which is an Udemy clone for sharing knowledge and doesn’t require any prior coding background.

However, as the demand for e-learning software's is on the rise, many young entrepreneurs and businesses are looking forward to creating their own Learning Management Systems.

But first, let us understand,

What are the things to keep in mind while choosing an LMS?

Choosing an LMS isn’t as effortless as picking a food item from the menu card. The LMS you’re choosing might have a vast array of features, which may be quite complicated and pose a threat, as it may backfire on your goals. A system that is too complex or too simple, can alienate the user’s from getting benefitted from the courses, and the user may not live up to their full potential.

So, the top 5 things to consider are–

  • Identify your goals–

With so many learning platforms to choose from, you need to know what exactly you want from your LMS and how it will help to achieve your training goals with the help of e-learning. Aims should be realistic, measurable, achievable and should have a deadline.

  • Identify your audience–

You need to know who you are training before you choose an LMS. You’ve to consider digital literacy in mind, so the engagement rates are high and it is easily accessible. You have to consider the aspects like age and the size of the audience, and it is very important to keep a user-friendly interface.

  • Identify the demands for the system–

After the identification of your goals and objectives of your audience, you now need to focus on the demands for the system. The more complete your list of prerequisites are, the easier it is to find the best LMS for you.

  • Branding & eCommerce–

If you want your LMS software to look like your favorite brand like Udemy? Do you want to customize it according to your taste? And do you want to sell your courses? ExpertPlus will help you achieve these goals and offer your users with high-tech learning, course certifications, in-app purchases and the customizable templates.

  • Compatible in all devices–

All your user base will not be using a laptop or a desktop. So, both the app and the website should be designed for being compatible for Android & iOS. It is an important element that users can easily login through their social media or Google and from any device of their choice, be it desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, the registration process should be simple and should take minimum details.

  • Explore the options available to develop the app/website–

If you are willing to develop the LMS from scratch, it leads to a lot of time loss, and you may need to spend a ton of money on the app developer. However, instead of that, you have other advanced alternatives like choosing an LMS clone script like Expert Plus. It will not only save a fortune, but also, help to launch your LMS app or website within a week.


Now that you know the things to consider while choosing an LMS software, BSEtec has developed Expert Plus using PHP and Laravel 5.5 framework, which ticks all the boxes, and provides enhanced user experience–imparting training courses in real time. Hope you choose your LMS soon!

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