The 5 Essential Skills You Need To Be An Android Developer

The 5 Essential Skills You Need To Be An Android Developer

It requires deep understanding and extreme coding knowledge to become a successful Android developer.

For the first time when you are approaching a new technology, it often is helpful to break it down into pieces. Many of the concepts and technologies which are involved in Android app development will be analogous to the things you already know if you are an experienced web developer. However, building apps for mobile devices often requires a different kind of mastery and more refined concepts.

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What are the five important skills needed to become an Android Developer?

To become the best in the team, you need to be acquainted with what some of the brightest developers in the Android programming community knows–

  • Java– Underpinning all the Android development, Java is that programming language that helps in creating any kind of Android app. Furthermore, unlike other programming languages like JavaScript and Ruby, Java is more object oriented and developers must be very thoughtful with their code and plan their actions more carefully.
  • Understanding of XML– Basically created as a standard way to encode data for internet-based mobile applications, an XML is a structured markup language that shares many features in common with HTML. It allows information to be passed between devices consistently and helps to create layouts that help in serving as the foundation of the user interface.
  • Android SDK– Software Development Kit (SDK) is basically an image of a briefcase full of Spy tools which is actually just a fancy name for prepackaged code. It is a module of Java code that helps to give developers access to mobile devices functions like accelerometers and cameras. This also helps Android developers spend much of the time discovering how the various SDK’s can be put together in Android.
  • Android Studio– For Android developers, having an integrated development environment is called an Android studio which is developed on top of the well-respected IntelliJ IDE. It comes with great out of the box support and features many of the capabilities that the developers want from a full-featured IDE.
  • Databases– Most apps handle a large amount of data, and probably it won’t be living on your device at any given time. Therefore, it is very important that your app has to interact with the databases which live outside your phone. This credit can be given to cloud services like Google One Drive, etc. Summing up

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