Top 5 Reasons Why We Use Social Networks

The top five reasons behind the widespread popularity of social networks are–

  • To stay in touch– From long lost kindergarten friends to long distance relationships, social media can help to stay connected with all– virtually. Especially after the coronavirus pandemic, people are confined to their homes and cannot see their loved ones in person, or look what they are up to. However, social networking solves this issue and helps to stay in touch with one another and somewhat reduce the fear of missing out (FOMO).
  • To stay up-to-date– Keeping up with the latest news and events have never been more important, and sharing news through social media platforms became more prominent as citizen journalism began to flourish all over the world. From heated debates between politicians to gossip and scandals of Page 3, we get it first from social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. So, staying up-to-date is something that social networking helps with.
  • Share their moments– Social media is like a digital photo album. Years after years you can share and store your valuable and memorable moments that you had captured on your phone/camera and keep it for yourself and the world to see. This helps your friends and family to check up on you and also keeps the pictures and videos safely, even if the photo/video gets deleted from your phone.
  • Share their opinion– People can use social media as a platform for voicing their opinions. Being a public forum, this situation is a little dicey. Although you will find positive responses from people, most of the time a large number of people out there, voice their discontent through social media.
  • Networking– Social media is a wonderful place to meet new people with common interests and helps in building your professional and personal networks. Social media can help in promoting a business as a brand. In fact, social media is such a networking tool that is the quickest way to grow your list of contacts within your industry.




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Nirmal Raj

Nirmal Raj


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