What Are The Biggest Trends In The Job Market In 2022

  • Remote working and virtual meetings: A decade ago employers would have scorned work from home. But the pandemic pushed everyone to work remotely. It has ushered in a new acceptance of virtual meetings and other aspects of work. This may put a dent in business travels since virtual meetings were efficient. Though there are some tasks or jobs that are best done in person, the rest of them would be done remotely without any geographical ties. A survey of 278 executives by McKinsey in August 2020 found that on average, they planned to reduce office space by 30 percent by assigning more remote working.
  • Hybrid working options: The hybrid working option is a People first approach, it focuses more on the convenience of employees to choose to work remotely or come to the office if necessary based on the task assigned, increased productivity, and job satisfaction. Future we will have more Location-independent work culture. With the pandemic and work-from-home scenarios, both companies and employees are now less tied to geographic locations. A hybrid working model offers a flexible location arrangement to employees as per their fit. The approach has gained popularity in the work-from-home environment due to the covid pandemic. So, even tech giants like Infosys are gearing up to adopt a hybrid work model. And many others are thinking of opting for a hybrid model and remote working culture.
  • Freelancing: The covid — 19 pandemic disrupted labor markets globally and affected our traditional working methods. Millions of people around the globe were furloughed, lost jobs, or adapted to the new working environment. This made an uptick in the number of freelancers. But since the freelancers are getting paid well in freelancing jobs the salary paid while sticking to a single company and the freedom in the work environment have resulted in many people adopting freelancing jobs. Freelancing trends will also increase because of the versatility it provides. This has led to increasing in the number of sites similar to Upwork.
  • Sustainable Firms: The World Economic Forum ranks biodiversity loss as the third-largest global risk over the next ten years. Industries use huge amounts of our natural resources which in turn has a huge impact on our planet earth. It has nearly taken decades for companies to understand their impact on the environment. This has led them to adopt eco-friendly options in their production process, finding alternatives for raw materials and incorporating eco-friendly packing options. Industries are focusing more on becoming sustainable by focusing on the below key factors.
  • Transparent & ethical sourcing of materials.
  • Environmentally conscious manufacturing practices.
  • Waste-conscious packaging (recyclable, as little material as possible).
  • Shipping options that negate the carbon footprint.
  • Diverting landfill waste at their product’s end-of-life.



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Nirmal Raj


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