What do you think will be the next big thing in IT industries?

  • Artificial Intelligence : Talking about future innovations, trends, technology. And then we don’t talk about artificial intelligence, That will not happen. Artificial intelligence is the most promising and most innovative invention of humans. In the near future, We will be able to learn and utilize more tools with deep learning and now we know much less about AI but we have experts globally who are working hard on exploring its reach and limits.
  • Education Revolution : The industry that is getting the most benefited and without even any cons, Would be the education industry because it is making it easier for everyone to communicate education. AI is getting better with education and with the integration of many Ai based tools, eLearning is getting better day by day. And it will be better than traditional learning in every sense. Also shortly e-Learning may take over the whole education system through its innovations.
  • Data Analysis and Management : AI is more like a need than a luxury when it comes to data concerns. By going online with everything, There are lots of concerns with data privacy. If we achieve success in deep learning and we use technologies like blockchain and crypto, Then we can protect our data more wisely and at par security. We are also seeing AI analyzing and managing data tremendously. Giants like Google and Facebook are continuously experimenting and using ai for more accurate data analysis. We may get into the next level of analyzing and managing the god of assets (DATA) more productively and ethically with Artificial intelligence.
  • Advanced clone scripts : Due to the demand for new and updated platforms, The clone script market is also getting more advanced and competitive now. Clone scripts are getting more affordable because more and more entrepreneurs are coming with their platform ideas. We at BSETec, Always see the passion of developing something great in entrepreneurs and we feel good when we help them as their technical pillar and give them the software development solution that they deserve. And whatever industry leads in innovation or technology, But platform development will always be a step ahead because it’s a base of every IT development.



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Nirmal Raj

Nirmal Raj


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